The sun is coming in

Oh that wonderful feeling that starts to surface when the days begin to stretch out again, and even though the sun is still low on the horizon, it pours into the house both bright and warm. These are the days when plants that didn’t seem to do anything through the winter begin to sprout new growth, and kittens run rampant through the house.

The seeds are starting to arrive from Canadian sources. I use Richters  ( in Goodwood, Ontario and Veseys ( in York, PEI for most of my ordering, but after joining the Canadian Gardening group on Facebook, I am expanding my horizons for specialty items.

Two springs ago I planted geranium seeds as an experiment (I had never grown geraniums from scratch). The seeds have developed into a series of hanging baskets that get brought in for the winter. These are all looking super healthy, healthy enough for cuttings to be taken to start plants for interested friends. The only challenge I have had is to keep the garden cats out of the pots – they seem to want to lie in the middle of the plant,

Lemon cupcakes using homegrown lemons 


which is a bit hard on things. I have managed to stop them from wanting to eat and dig up the poinsettia, which is currently pretty sad looking as it is just beginning to show new leaf. It will live outside for the summer and come back to the house before frost hits.


Aside from house plants, we harvested lemons from the lemon tree which has only lived here for two years. This is its second harvest – the first year provided lemon pie, and this year it’s lemon cupcakes. I always find cooking & baking using garden ingredients especially enjoyable. I can’t wait for tomato season…




2 thoughts on “The sun is coming in

  1. I love the wafts of delicate smells during garden walkabouts (irises in particular,) along with the eye candy!! What was the predominant color at this year’s Toronto show?


    1. Lots of oranges in the flower arrangement area. Mostly greens through the rest – a focus on natural looking landscaped spaces for BBQ’s and pools, outdoor living space. Not so much on perennials or this year’s new annuals. We’ll have to cruise the garden centres (which is always fun).


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