Why garden cats?

My first real garden cat, Pai (short of Pai Li Lung – a story for another day), spent 15 years supervising my green thumb from under the lavender bushes. Whether I was on my knees picking ripe strawberries, digging in tulip bulbs for the following spring, or deadheading roses to brin

Pai Li Lung in the poppies

g on a new round of blossom, Pai was always nearby.

A garden cat provides wise company for both new an
d experienced gardeners. He or she (I’ll be using he as all my cats have been male) will provide a balanced perspective when you are trying to decide where to plant, how much to trim, and when to harvest. The garden cat can be playful, or contemplative. He’ll keep the mice away, and happily chase down grasshoppers for you.  During the winter, he’ll keep you company as you wistfully browse seed catologues, and tend to special plants you decide to winter over in the house.

With this blog I will share adventures in gardening with Copper and Amber, the two new garden cats. I’ll also share what I have learnt about getting things to grow happily.

Spring is on it’s way, the light has changed, even the morning birdsong is different. This seems like a good time to get started with new projects. Join me in the garden and let’s see what we can grow this year.

Cheers for now,


(The next blog will introduce the gardens here at the Lakehouse)

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