My morning walkabout

As soon as the weather warms up enough, you will find me greeting the sunrise in the garden, conducting what my husband calls my morning walkabout. With coffee in hand, and sometimes still in my housecoat, I’ll pop into my mud boots (every gardener needs a pair) and begin my wander.

I am looking for overnight changes, sprouts popping through the mulch, buds beginning to swell, the first bumble bee of the season. It is a ritual start to my spring-summer-fall days that needs be set aside during the darker and colder winter months. There’s not much to see in snowbanks, except that they re protecting tender plants from the deep freeze.

Hens and chicks in the rock garden and some low-growing thyme

The pathways are not yet clear of snow and ice, but today, green patches are beginning to show. I carefully stepped my way along the first rock wall, seeing sprigs of thyme and other edging plants (I really should look up the name of some of those), sedum, and hens & chicks on the ledges. Everything is still drawn into itself, tight against the chill, but seeing even the tips cheers me and encourages further wandering.

I can’t get to the greenhouse or the fruit trees yet, and the lower beds are well hidden under snowdrifts. But rain is coming and a few days of sunshine. So the melt is underway.

Because I can’t fully resist this spring fever, I entice my husband to help me rearrange our multi-purpose studio (sometimes office, sometimes exercise room or guest house, but in spring the venue for starting seedlings. This year I will have double the space with two tables, one in each the south and west windows – the windows are large and the light level great for starting plants.

Yes, it’s still too soon to plant my seeds, but walkabout time is getting closer and the planting tables are now waiting.

Last year’s planting table in the south window. Everything did really well as long as I remembered to rotate the trays daily.

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