The start of seeding

It started yesterday, the first of the seeds began the journey to active growing.

A few weeks ago, I joined the Canadian Gardeners’ group on Facebook, and I have picked up a number of tips, one of which I put into action yesterday. The suggestion is that seeds will start very easily when set on damp paper towel in a baggie. This definitely takes a lot

Sorting, prepping, and marking each of the baggies.

less room, and the idea is that as seeds sprout they can be moved to a planting medium, letting you know how many sprouted and avoiding blank planting cells. I had to read the pac

The seed baggies waiting to be set on top of the stereo amplifier for gentle warmth.

kages carefully, as some seeds require dark, other light, and one even needs cold to trigger growth.

While I was at it, I decided to give some lemon seeds from the tree here a try, and a dozen of the seeds from the jasmine vine. So far, there are seeds for angels trumpet, munstead lavender, spilanthes, soapwort, and a blue verbena. I am not starting veggies just yet in the interest of real estate and timing.

Last year’s geraniums are all throwing out flower stems, and the passion flower finally seems to be want inn to come back to life. This weekend I will also dig out the bulbs for the dahlias and the begonia that I buried in peat last fall. I haven’t been very successful in wintering over prior to this year as I honestly have taken a fairly haphazard approach. But Bill build me a giant storage box that we filled with peat so that the tender bulbs could survive to grow again. It will be like a treasure hunt seeing which came through the dark months.

Walking about the yard has begun in earnest with the disappearance of the the snow. I really hope that the deep cold is done with, as the daffodil tips are showing, and I can see the buds on the lilacs and forsythia starting to swell. If we get a few days of dry weather it will be time for lawn clean-up. I won’t clean up the beds until we are closer to certain warmer weather as tender shoots will not be happy being frozen.

Tomorrow I am off to Toronto for a day at Canada Blooms – I will take lots of pictures and share the most interesting parts in my next post.

In the meantime, check out the new Lee Valley Home & Garden Catalogue (which arrived here yesterday) ( to order one or browse online). Happy planning!



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