Last week’s seeds are sprouting

happily, I can report that the seeds put into baggies last week are sprouting. So far I have verbena, lavender, spillanthes (like an orange daisy), and jasmine all putting off little roots, and in some cases leaves.

This all means that I have dug flats out of the greenhouse, along with a variety of potting equipment, and will be heading out to the studio where the grow tables are set up. I hadn’t expected this quick a germination process, so am quite excited and pleased (as only garden buffs can be).

Cathedral Bell vine
Last years cathedral Bells vine was grown from seed. I have a few left over so I will give them a try this year.

I will be starting the next round of flowering seeds today as well, so they can all be well ahead when it is time to put them into containers. Last year I did this, transferring seedlings to bigger pots as they outgrew their starter containers. This year I am experimenting with egg cartons instead of peat pots – the cardboard can go right into the earth without disturbing roots, so I am optimistic.

The snow is almost gone from the southern slopes of the yard, and is slowly disappearing from more northerly areas, so I have spotted crocus sprouts and daffodil leaves, and the carpet thymes are already showing growth. I am resisting uncovering anything as we have some more snow and cold temperatures in the forecast, but I do admit to peering very closely at the covered ground to see signs of growth.

The other bit of news is that I think I will take the plunge and order some Japanese Iris (Allan from Harbour Breezes in Nova Scotia has posted so many lovely pics of his iris selection that I am in love. So I’ll be creating a quasi wetland space down by our weeping willow, and hope to have drifts of these beautiful flowers in a few years. Apparently they need to be split regularly, so garden friends, think about adoption possibilities.

I’m off to play now – stay warm, keep those thumbs green.


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