Ranunculus? Ridiculous, but I’m doing it.

OK, OK, I caved to the impulse.

Yesterday at Canadian Tire, in addition to the peat planting cubes and potting soil that went into my shopping cart, I added two packages of ranunculus (only $4.49 for 10), and seed packets of zinnia, aster, and most ambitiously, moon flowers.

A sample of Canadian Tire’s spring gardening products

I read that zinnias do well in drier conditions, and that describes the soil here well. It’s a by product of being located on rock outcrops, a common occurrence in Northern Ontario. While we keep the gardens watered, the zinnia will be destined for flower boxes, to provide bursts of colour at the base of climbing vines. We’re getting rid of some misplaced overgrown cedars lakeside and will replace these with large planters (a.k.a. flower boxes) fronting trellis that climb to the upper deck. Hopefully the birds, bees, butterflies, cats, and people are satisfied with the resulting display.

The ranunculus, also destined for a potted existence, will bring colour to the new deck, and a hollowed out log close to the lake. People kayaking by should be able to enjoy the displays.

The moonflowers are my challenge; I have tried growing these before without any luck. This year, my vision is to have them taking over the greenhouse, mixing with the sweet peas (there will be sweet peas in as many places as I can manage – a plant with nostalgic attachment). Cross your fingers for a truly tropical experience in the greenhouse this summer, including flowers blooming on moonlit nights.

As for the asters, they are colourful and easy to grow, so are destined to provide patches of colour wherever they land.

Now it’s time to give my lemon tree a spring clean-up. I’m off to the shower.


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