And the sprouting has begun

Yes, it’s true. Those baggies with wet paper towel have worked their miracle and absolutely everything has sprouted. Of course there are more sprouts of each than I have room for, so there will be some thinning of the hear in my future. Truth be told I always have a hard time with this task. For now, however, I won’t worry about that. I have transferred all of the wee emerging rooted things into potting soil medium in egg shell cartons for the smaller plants and containers for the larger ones.

I was concerned about the soapwort seeds, as the directions suggested that I would have to freeze them for weeks to trigger growth, but after one week frozen, a few days in the butter keeper, and a few more under the stereo (warm and dark) they went wild. I now have 18 sets of soapwort that I will thin as the sprouts become seedlings.

Pai, my original garden cat, sitting happily on a birch stump in the garden.

Another happy bit of news is that every one of the jasmine seeds has sprouted. It will be fun to have a riot of jasmine plants growing this summer, and I will have to discipline myself to overwinter only the parent plant. Can you imagine sitting out in the evening surrounded by these lovelies (the scent comes out in the evening. An added bonus is that the hummingbirds love these.

Finally, believe it or not, the lemon seeds have started to sprout. So if anyone in the local area (you know who you are) would like to adopt a lemon tree, let me know. The trees produce lovely sweetish lemons with tons of flavour.

On a side note, I will soon be taking cuttings from last year’s geraniums, which are doing so well that they are coming into flower. Oh, and the hoya is coming into flower. And the cats have stopped digging up the plants.

I am a happy gardener.

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