Why daylilies are our friends

When Mum first moved to Sudbury around 10 years ago, she made a point of discovering gardening resources in the area. As part of this, she became friends with Carole Ann Frederick of what was then DIG Daylilies. After Mum passed, I continued to visit Carole Ann up in Field to purchase wonderful hardy daylilies.

These plants now for the basis for my perennial gardens, and while Carole Ann no longer actively sells, I have found new sources of these great bloomers.

All of this background to set the stage for telling you about the new day lilies that will be moving in in May. I happened upon Arcadian Daylilies, a grower from the Toronto area that provides mail-order service. I started to browse their site, and quickly became infatuated with the colours and shapes of six new-to-my-garden flowers.  They are: Days of Wine, Enchanted Empress, Northern Cloudburst, Pocket Change, Relentless Interloper, and Word of Honour (in case you want to take a peek at the web-site). They will arrive in May and be settled into their new plots quickly.

Now day lilies all have distinct names, but I can never keep them straight. After a few years in the garden, they become identified by pseudonyms such as “orange crush”, or “the double purple” one. It’s OK, I don’t need to know the specific hybrid, I just need to know where they will come up, and when I have to split the plants.

That’s one of the nice things about day lilies – they are very rewarding not only because of the flower show they provide, but because every four or five years, the plants need to be split, allowing for new clumps of daylily-splendour to appear around the yard. Last year was my fourth summer here, so in the early fall I was out with the sharp spade splitting plants into twos and threes. I am anticipating that the new gardens will be colourful, and if I remembered the growth sizes and timing correctly, there will be colour through a large part of the summer from these plants.

Next summer, if all goes well, I will even be able to share cuttings with like-minded gardening friends. Since these plants are so easy to care for, they are great for gardeners who are just starting out and want plants that will give a boost of confidence.

Here are some shots of the garden day lilies that live here.

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