Hanging out with the Sprout

As I sit here by the window, I can hear the starlings, chickadees, and sparrows chirping away, a true evening-song to accompany our much later sunsets. Despite the current semi-frigid -10 degrees celsius, spring has arrived, and I have proof.

The seeds that sprouted last week in the baggies have turned into seedlings, poking through their incubator pots and beginning their reach for the sun.

OK, incubator pots may be an exaggeration – peat pots and egg cartons – but these serve well as starter homes for the seedlings because I can pop them directly into larger and larger containers without ever disturbing the original root systems. It would be interesting if people could do the same thing – although if I think about it a number of us can without loosing our original grounding. Lucky for us.

Back to the plants. You will see in the pictures below that I have tried to provide a little basic info about each seedling, particularly its type, as these little things can be hard to tell apart. It’s not that I immediately recognize anything, or automatically remember names – you will see that I make regular use of the good old popsicle stick. I like these because they can follow the plant right through its life from its place in the garden to over into the compost pile. Maybe one year in the distant future I won’t need popsicle sticks, but I somehow doubt it.

An update on the garden cats – they are nicely grown and almost ready for setting out. Like other young growing things, they will have to be gradually acclimatized, with only short times in protected areas at first, and gradually they will be able to come and go as they please. We are waiting for a truly nice spring day to start hardening them off…

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