Along for the Walkabout

I though it might be a good idea to share what some plants look like at this time of year as they emerge from winter dormancy.

I may have, in the past, occasionally, unwittingly dug up, pulled out, or weeded away a treasure because it was unfamiliar in the sprouting stage. These days, with a few more years of green-thumbing under my belt, I either mark where I put new plants, or place things in empty spots of existing beds. I find that with most perennials, they are quite forgiving about being moved to better locations if the first doesn’t work out (the light, water, soil, draining is wrong for the plant)

Walking through the garden yesterday, I took pictures of as many plants emerging from dormancy as I could find. With each picture I identify the plant and provide a little bit of info that I hope will be helpful in saving precious young growth. This (and the early fall) is the time of year when plants can be split for moving to new locations or for sharing.

Remember, not all plants are up yet – for example, hostas take longer to emerge.

Almost all of these plants die back completely for the winter. The first group are bulbs. (You can read more or leave a comment by clicking on any of the pictures.)


The second group of plants share what I call “furry leaves” – some are truly fuzzy while others appear so because of lots of wrinkles as they emerge.


The next grouping is simply the assortment of what’s left. These are all lovely plants that flower at different times. If you need samples, get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange. Many if not all of these can be picked up at extremely low cost at the spring fund-raising sales of local horticultural societies.

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