So many green things…

It’s turning green here despite the still naked trees and brown patches on the lawn (these will change into summer clothes with some needed spring rain). Happy birthday Nicole B., hope you enjoy these stories.

The green house is fully operational, which simply means that the plants are living there and I have a small heater to prevent the night temp from dipping below 50F degrees.

The greenhouse is protected from the strong winds that blow through the region in the late fall and winter.

As I sit here on our deck writing this, a small hare/rabbit just bounced by not 5 feet away; this is one of the neat parts about living in the country, although it mean we may have to fence the veggie garden this year.

I have lots of pics to show you about how the sprouts are doing. It is amazing how quickly things grow once they are into larger pots. The first three tomatoes are a foot high and will be ahead of the game for the deck.

All of the lemon seeds are now up and have their first leaf set. It is neat to know the seeds are viable. Now, would anyone like to adopt a lemon seedling? I think 5 trees may be more than I have room for. Not to worry, I can keep them for the summer so they get stronger, it’s the wintering over that I don’t have space for (our house is much smaller than the last one where I had oodles of plants saved through the winter.

There are also now four jasmine vines coming along, and one of last year’s cathedral bells seeds was viable, so they will show up in a patio box somewhere.

This weekend I also got both of the water fountains (deck sized) going, with help form my handy hubby. These make great focal points for plants to sit around, and I am hoping the one will be popular with the hummingbirds that hang out in the summer.

This is the new hummingbird fountain – hopefully they will enjoy playing here when they fly in from the south. Lots of flowering vines will surround the fountain by then.

There are bluebells in the shade garden, and the daffodils are finally opening. We still need rain, and I am hoping for Wednesday, but the weather seems to be largely unpredictable until the day of this spring. I have pictures and explanations for you again below. Let me know if you want more detail on anything.

Now, I have a parcel card which I knows plants from Vesey’s in PEI, so I will be off. I’ll tell you what arrived next time.

First the trees & shrubs…

Next, the updates on the seeds…


and the remaining odds and ends of interesting little bits (and the cats)

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