Just me and a few hundred blackflies

Yes, black-fly season has arrived. But the good news that comes hand-in-hand with those pesky little critters is that it’s blossom time for all of the fruit bearing plants: strawberries, raspberries, Saskatoon berries, blueberries, apples, pears, cherries, and plums. With our late warm weather, the blossom is just starting to emerge and so everything will be in flower at once. The smells will be beautiful, and finally the bees will also have something for food besides the daffodils, tulips, bleeding hearts, and forget-me-nots.

This is a view looking up to the meditation garden from the front walkway. The bed was cleaned out replenished last fall, and is coming along beautifully. I love the line of bleeding hearts that showed up between the edge of this tier and the next one up.

I was passing the shade garden yesterday, and am happy to report that the sweetgrass plants from last year have survived the winter and are actually also coming into flower (little grass flowers). When I have tried to keep sweetgrass other times, the twitch grass overran it. This time I cut the bottom out of a large pot and planted the grass inside the buried pot. Success! Gardening is often a hobby of invention.

Here is the sweetgrass, growing happily.

Today was the day for starting the planters. It started with mixing soil in the riding tractor wagon – one quarter peat, one quarter vermiculite, one quarter compost, and one quarter soil. Once I have some in the containers, I add some bloodmeal (rather than bonemeal as it keeps the critters away form the plant). Many of the starter plants are now in “larger” pots as they adapt and grow. I pulled together a few baskets and display pots, combining angels trumpets, spillanthes and millet, zinnias and spillanthes, geraniums and zinnias, and making another giant vine pot with cathedral bells, passion flower, and moon flowers for the greenhouse.

I was running out of steam, when a parcel arrived with bareroot daylillies (no soil when shipped), so I reverted to my creative gardening motto and planted them all in pots so they can grow happily for a few weeks before i plant them. I did the same thing with the new clematis vines I had picked up on sale at Canadian Tire. Now everything is well set up and it doesn’t matter how quickly I get them planted.

An update on the garden cats – they are happy to be outside cats after all (I can only handle so much crying at the door I guess). They are hilarious running from tree to tree and hiding  under the hedges. They follow me down to the greenhouse and back up to the lake. We aren’t quite ready to let them out on their own yet, as we want to make sure they know where home is. So all is well, and they should soon begin photo bombing garden pics.

The early tomato plants are now on the front deck, planted with basil (both purple and green), and the second set are nearly ready for their raised beds – I guess that’s this weekend’s project.

Happy long weekend everyone and happy gardening.

This is the lakeside garden – not huge, but colourful and containing lots of different perennials. I like my gardens to have something in bloom from spring to fall. The out-of-focus greenery in the foreground are the buds of the new white lilac.



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