It’s a wonderful world

As summer draws nearer, gardening becomes less hectic, and the stories become more about enjoying the ephemeral nature of each plant through its season of blossom.

For me the garden is a place to think, whether I am dreaming, philosophizing, or simply practicing mindfulness. I try to be “in moment” when I garden and the reward is that it comes easily. Watching the dragonflies, which sometimes land on my shoulder or my glove in their vigilance against mosquitoes, deer flies, and other pesky garden buzzers is mesmerizing. They wheel and dive, continually outwitting and manoeuvring the cats who watch them with fascination.

The bumble bees and honey bees have moved from apple blossoms and the last to the bleeding hearts to the day lilies, the iris, peonies, and the siren-like valerian flowers. The buzzing is peaceful, sometimes magnified by the shape of the flower the visitor is feeding from.

The garden smells spicy and sweet, especially early in the morning and just as the sun sets. A cup of coffee, or a glass of very cold white wine make the first and final walkabouts of the day even more special, the first stimulating, and the last peaceful.

The garden cats are flourishing, bouncing and leaping in their exploration of so much that is new to them. The birds are wise to the two of them, dive bombing when they get too close to nests or fledglings, and swearing at them from the tree branches until the cats have moved along. They walk with me through the gardens, and come for the morning game of fetch with the three dogs, chasing along without fear. So far, the dogs have managed not to step on them, although how they avoid these crazy dashing cats zooming full speed under their bellies astounds me.

The veggies are doing well, peas climbing, cucumbers growing, tomatoes flowering, sweet potatoes sprouting leaves, white potatoes waiting for their next layer of soil, and strawberries ripening. Even the spinach lettuce and chard have recovered from the bunny attacks and are almost ready for a harvest.

The burgundy wine oriental poppy. This beauty was transplanted when we moved year and has been languishing for four summers. This year, it seems to have decided to get on with it and has four or five flower heads.

Yesterday morning, the first of the oriental poppies  appeared, with a stunning wine red bloom showing against the white of the spiarea bush. And the peonies are getting ready to burst. There are so many things to see and enjoy, it is no wonder that stress levels disappear with a walk through the garden.



Hope you are enjoying yours – I would love to hear about it if you have a moment to send along a message.


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