Passionate Peonies and Other Garden Secrets

I thought I would change things up this week and start with an update on the veggie gardens. Everything seems to be enjoying the 30c degree weather, although it is a bit of a task each morning to get the watering done. I always have the company of both Copper and Amber on these excursions, and frequently Harley, Cowboy, and Indie. The biggest challenge is keeping the dogs from trampling “good plants” as they chase the sprinkler water. I try not to yell “Out of the garden” too loudly as I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate that as a wake up call. I’ll leave that duty to the local roosters.

It is rewarding to see the small tomatoes appearing, and I am sure that soon baby cucumbers, peas, and zuchinni will join in. A friend commented that gardening is a lot of work and dirty. I guess it may be from time to time, (more so when starting out), but mostly its about a slow and steady pace tending everything. I find that relaxing and love discovering new treasures each morning.

Speaking of new treasures, I have to share the gifts of the flower beds with you. For some reason, maybe the mild winter or wet spring, the blooms are fabulous this year. The peonies seemed to be early, and I am glad that I have varieties that bloom at different times (look for early or late on the plant tags and descriptions when you are shopping) as it extends the period of enjoyment. Peonies can be delicate is there is lots of heat, wind, and hard rains. If there is only one type it can be very disappointing to come out after a rainy stormy night to find everything blown down and bedraggled.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have to share with you that a wonderful thing is happening in the greenhouse. After four attempts at growing moon flowers, across a number of years, in different locations and yards, finally I see flowers coming on the greenhouse vies. I have never seen these flowers in person, but they are supposed to be very large white flowers that open at dusk and have a lovely fragrance. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

The last plant I would like to highlight today is the oriental poppy – it is so delicate with its paper flowers and large centres, and the blooms don’t last for very long – but they are so lovely. They range from two to four or 5 five inches across, and come in amazing vibrant colours, some with plan edges, and others with frilled. The plant itself isn’t much to look at and often dies back once flowering is done, but the blooms and seed heads are definitely worth it.

Now I leave you for this week with a final collection of bits from around the yard and wishes of happy gardening adventures, and having time to enjoy.


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