Full speed into summer

Don’t let anyone tell you that spring isn’t a busy time when it rains – my experience is the between swatting at mosquitos, there is more to do as everything seems to want to grow more quickly in the wet weather. I especially include grass and weeds in this list. Maybe the truth is that I have spent less actual time in the garden because of the rain. But I have tried to make my time there count.

Finally the tomatoes are in, and once again I have an overabundance of seedlings – but this year our community centre is building raised garden beds and the orphans will be welcome in those. I also have herbs to start a communal herb garden for cooks who want to build interest into their meals through the summer. I don’t think there will be enough for drying this year, but who knows what comes in the future.

Here at home, the early peonies are in full blossom, as are the iris and the early day lilies. I can see buds for the later lilies, the oriental lilies (I only has to eliminate a few red beetles this year (so far), hollyhocks (doing great), and old faithful friends like the mondara (bee balm).

Once again the valerian is wonderful, and the roses and honeysuckle are fab. I have acquired a fleece flower which I have put in a big pot to grow until I discover where its new home will be. The other new addition is a wisteria vine that will live in a protected area of the lower garden near the large day lily bed.

For today, I leave you with a selection of todays snaps. Hope you enjoy!

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