Helpful Resource Links

Here are some of my favourite resources. I will add as I go along. If you are looking for ideas, browsing gardening sites is a great way to find inspiration.

Sudbury Gardening Festival Plant Sale – for me the best part of this event is the perennial plant sale. This sale has been a traditional spring rite in Sudbury for ages. The local horticultural society members bring along masses of different perennial plants dug from their gardens – some are large buy most are smaller but strong enough to get a good plant started. Prices are extremely low (usually under $5/pot), and there is every base plant you could want for starting  a garden. Get there early though, and bring a box fro carrying your treasures home.

Lee Valley Tools – specialty garden tools and equipment from row tags to irrigation equipment to row covers to books – there is a lot of all sorts of things for gardening.

Veseys Seeds – for garden seeds and perennials, the quality and service are fabulous. And though it’s mail order for anyone not on Prince Edward Island, delivery is always fast.

Richters Herbs – from a small operation just outside of Uxbridge that we drove by in the 70’s to a well established and reputable Canadian herb source, Richters offers mail order and supplies all manner of herbs, heirloom veg, and information on herbal medicine. Browsing their catalogue is a window into times past.

Lotsa Hostas – I am always on the lookout for goat hostas, super large leaves create such an interesting display in the shaded areas of the garden. Lotsa Hostas offers a wide variety and mail order service.

Nottawasaga Daylilies – this grower has been around a long time and has beautiful plants, with an extensive selection. You can order online or drive to their place just outside of Creemore, Ontario. Daylilies have become a garden staple for me, and I add one or two a year. Now I look for unusual ones that have striking colours. They seem fairly indestructible and come in different heights with different bloom times which allows for planning the sequence of garden flowering.

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