The cats have grown as much as the garden

After a winter of sleeping and eating, the garden cats (Amber & Copper) are very happy to be back on the prowl, doing those things that garden cats do. Both seem to have taken a liking to pouncing on my hands while I weed – I’m not sure if they are protecting errant grasses, or think I am a mouse under the thyme; it does make it slow going at times.

The winter was kind to everything this year. Although my people friends haven’t appreciated the slow start to spring, it has meant that the sequencing of blooms, rain, and pollinators is perfect. For example, the wild blueberries are in flower as the black-flies are abundant. The pear trees are happily covered in blossom (There are two trees this year, so we can expect some lovely pears – I didn’t realize when I planted the first, 4 years ago, that it needed a companion for pollination). Coming rapidly along are the cherry trees (beautiful tart pie and jam cherries), and the three plums (one is golden), and of course, the multiple apple trees.

The daffodils and tulips are magnificent right now – a rainbow of colours and heights. The timing of blooms is slightly varied, so the colour lasts longer in the garden. Those of you who remember the bleeding hearts from last year will be pleased to know they are back and bigger than ever. And there are two new white ones that joined the mix last summer – they seem to be coming along well, though not quite as early as the old fashioned pink & white ones.

The hostas have come up, though they are not out fully yet, and the peonies are coming along great guns. I relocated a couple of them to what I hope are better spots last fall, and they seem quite happy. The dahlias are also in pots and coming along.

New this year, I have a sea holly, and a blue thistle, and have also found a hardy wisteria (which I think will do well down below protected from much of the winter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see those hanging blue blossoms climbing the rock face?

The veggie gardens are in, with the exception of tomatoes and squash. The tomato seedlings are up and gaining strength, as are the herbs. I won’t be doing peppers this year as I want to try growing some iris and day lily form seed – an experiment for the greenhouse. The only other plantables waiting for a dry day are the gladiolas.

Today is a rainy one, so a good day to restart the blog for the season, and I will be doing my walkabout in a few moments. Todays pics will be taken in the rain.

Happy gardening my friends – welcome back!